Upcycling: The innovative & frugal way to get creative

Being environmentally conscious is becoming more important for many Canadians and when financial consciousness is also a priority, why not incorporate both? Draw inspiration from your creative kids and bask in the glory that is “upcycling”: taking an object and rather than throwing it in the recycling bin, make it into something amazing.


Upcycle 1Now that patio season is starting, being out on your deck or balcony is inevitable. Why not make it a little special? Cover cans of varying sizes with decorative paper, like wallpaper, to create custom centrepieces that can be filled with flowers. Depending on the height of the can, cut the stems of your blooms so that they sit in the can without wilting over the sides. Using flowers from your garden rather than buying them is a great money-saving tip also.





Upcycle 2A wonderful way to upcycle those cans and also create an organizational space for your home is through a can-installation. After washing insides thoroughly and removing labels and adhesives, cans are generally just plain silver. If your home has a modern décor, these can be used immediately. You can also customize them with paint, fabrics or papers for a kids’ room or living room. Choose how many little cubbyholes you need and voilà!  An organizational, functional and efficient installation for your family!





Upcycle 3This is a beautiful way to hold large candles. Buying candles in glass holders is far more expensive than buying the candle itself. The holder is what sets you back so be rid of it and make your own! According to each room or the feel of your home overall, paint cans with vibrant colours or designs. This is a great way to get your kids involved and let them be creative. Since a child’s room is no place for a candle, they can use it to store their pencils, markers & crayons.

Candles are a romantic and intimate touch when relaxing or hosting a gathering. With your own custom-designed upcycled holders? It may not be your dessert that’s the hit of the party!