Want to save more on groceries?

groceryshoppingChances are the biggest source of your spending lands right in your grocery cart. It stands to reason that if you can shave down on this expense, you’ll have cash left over to direct to other areas of your budget.

Planning routine

Planning your menus involves several steps. You’ve got to set time aside every week, armed with the flyers, recipe books and pen and paper to plan your menu.

Decide on meals for the week based on what items are on sale, and not the other way around.

Become a coupon diva

Scour online coupon portals, and visit your favourite retailers/product sites regularly. Subscribe to their emails, which mean you’ll get coupons delivered to your mailbox on a regular basis.

Be sure to read the fine print on coupons, including expiry dates and other purchase conditions and limitations.

One stop shop

Don’t waste money and time on gas by travelling around from store to store to get the best deal on product AYZ. Instead go out once to do your errands, preferably at one store. Choose a store that offers price matching, and you eliminate your need to bounce around.

Leave the kids at home

Kids of a certain age are totally stealth at the grocery store. They manage to slip in bizarre (and often pricey) items that are only realized either at the cash or shortly thereafter. Even worse if you’ve got two or more to tag team you with distraction, and then you are woefully outnumbered. Stick to your list and leave the kids at home.

Be a fringe shopper

Stay on the outer perimeter of your favourite store. That is where produce, meats and dairy or located. The inner aisles are filled with numerous temptations. If you can avoid those aisles, your bill will be lower!

Eat a snack

Even if it is in the parking lot before you head inside have a quick snack before you shop. Never shop for food when you’re hungry. Your cart will end up brimming with snack food and other impulse items.