Don’t fall into the warehouse trap

We’ve all done it. We’ve all stopped by the local warehouse store to pick up a few items and end up with an overflowing cart before you know it. Warehouse shopping can be a great way to get more mileage with your shopping dollars, but you need to have a plan – and you need to have your wits about you.

warehouse sale shopping

Keep it on the outside

All the food and sundry items are generally located on the perimeter of the store. The centre is stocked with all those nice-to-haves, while usually at a good discount, are most likely not on your shopping list. This is the epicentre of impulse shopping. Keep to your list and steer your cart around the outside of the store.

Buying in bulk can cost more

While it is true that one of the best ways to save money on your groceries is to buy in bulk, if you don’t plan accordingly, you end up wasting your purchases-which is wasting money.

Only buy what you can reasonably use in specific time frame. Make sure that you have proper storage available to you. Consider shopping with a friend and then splitting the goods and the savings.

Don’t fall for free samples

One of the best parts of warehouse shopping is the free samples you get to savour while you wander the aisles. However, these free samples can push you towards more impulse shopping. Only buy something if you’ve budgeted for it and it otherwise seems like a good buy.

Yet another reason that you shouldn’t shop hungry.

Beware the optics

Warehouses literally go for zero décor, which gives the impression that you’re going to score a great deal, no matter what the price is, because the image screams “discount”. Not necessarily. Always be aware of prices for similar items at other stores.