Ways to Leverage November

07-november1November is one of those challenging months. It’s a month of transition. The majestic backdrop of fall leaves is gone, and picturesque snow on the branches is generally not around yet either.

Those lazy Saturday afternoons seem to drag out too, when it’s not ideal outside. Beyond the usual inclement weather activities, like crafts and board games, here are some ideas to help you make best use of those last few non-commitment  laden weekend days before the holiday season frenzy descends upon you.

Here are a few ideas for you and your family to while away the hours in November that are both productive and frugally minded:

Clean out the Closets

It’s not an afternoon at the amusement park, but it is tremendously useful both in planning and in organization.

Pay particular attention to winter clothing and outerwear. Clean out everything from top to bottom, including hats, mitts, scarves and boots- as well as coats and snow suits. Any extras in good shape can garner top dollar right now at the local consignment store.

Additionally, in our chilly clime, there are a number of families in need and who would delight in your donation to help stay warm as we hunker down for our long Canadian winter.

Clean out the Garage

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, are you using it for the purpose that it is intended, or is it just a big storage space?

Cleaning out your garage so that you can actually park your car in it will not only save you time, it will save you money in gas spent while idling and scraping your car while getting ready to go.

Get Active

The inclination is, as the weather is not alluring, to cocoon and draw inside. Being inside does not necessarily mean curling up on the couch (although that is tempting too).

Make a point of keeping your family active. Visit your local community centre for gym drop in, public skating or public swimming. Many rec centres offer family rates which are heavily subsidized and very affordable.

Movie Buffs

Family outings to the movies are always a fun past time, but can be expensive. As well, when the spring, summer and early autumn weather (and often winter too) entices us to be outside, it is hard to justify the expense and the retreat indoors sometimes for this particular activity.

November is the perfect opportunity to hit the local cinema. Help mitigate the cost for this by doing a little research before going. Movies before noon are usually the cheapest.  Trade out snacks at the movies for a promise of visiting the local store or restaurant for snacks after- which is likely a far less expensive proposition.

Check out Local Events

Now is a great time of year to pull out the local paper and read the copy- beyond the flyers for your local stores.  November is actually a time for many local craft fairs and events- not to mention we are in the thick of Santa Clause Parade season.

Travel beyond your borough to check out nearby neighbourhoods and small towns and see what they have to offer. These local events are usually free, and offer you a chance to get to know the area in which you live (and nearby) in a different way.