What mom really wants for Mother’s Day

Before you break the bank showing mom how much you care on Mother’s Day, pause and consider what she really wants. Heck, you could even ask her.

P.S. Much of what she really wants is free.

Here are some hints on how to please mom this Mother’s Day, without costing you a dime.


This is especially true for new moms or moms of young children, when the mornings are early and nights are full of interruptions. There isn’t ever a great deal of time sitting down with young kids, let alone sleeping. On Mother’s Day, let mom sleep in. Or even better, arrange it so she can have an afternoon nap uninterrupted. Now that’s a guilty pleasure.

A clean anything

Mom’s mind is racing all the time with her endless to-do list. Can you imagine her sheer delight when she arrives home to a sparkling clean house? You’re getting two for one there. You are letting her relish in the cleanliness of her home and striking an item off of her to-do list.

Another good idea that would be most welcome is to clean out her car- don’t forget to vacuum and wipe down all the surfaces.

Make her dinner for once

Take over the kitchen and let mom relax with a glass of wine while you make supper. The menu doesn’t have to be elaborate. This gift is great because mom didn’t have to plan the menu, do the groceries, cook- or do the dishes!

PJ day

What about giving mom permission to spend the entire day in her PJs- the ultimate comfort day at home? However she decides to spend her time is up to her, as long as she’s in her warm and fuzzies.

More time

What would moms everywhere of all ages love, love, love? More time. While you technically can’t freeze time or turn the clock back, you can give her a little more time by lightening her load. Offer to take on some items on her to-do list.