Your local energy savers

Aside from groceries, your biggest cost centre at home are likely your energy bills. Just like in other areas at home, a little creativity, research and planning can translate into big savings.

You are probably already aware of cost-saving measures to shave down those energy bills, like turning down the thermostat (or up, whatever the season may be), turning lights off when you’re out of a room, using appliances at non-peak energy use hours and taking showers instead of baths.

However, there is a veritable gold mine of government and other agency-backed rebates and discounts and resources available to consumers for energy conservation (and savings!). There are national, provincial and municipal programs available all over the country. Depending on where you live, check out what is available to you. Here is a sampling:


Energuide is a national program that helps Canadians rate the energy efficiency of things like houses, light-duty vehicles and a number of consumer items. It’s a rating system that helps you compare and contrast the energy efficiency backed by data. Better energy efficiency means more savings for you. It’s worth checking out to make sure that you make the smart choice- for your wallet and for the environment.

Home Energy Retrofit Program

Ontario has recently launched an aggressive campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are offering a series of rebates to homeowners who will retrofit items in their homes to make them more energy efficient.

There will rebates offered for things like new furnaces, roofs, insulation and geothermal pumps- all items that will contribute heavily to a home’s energy efficiency.

Additionally, Ontario residents can find savings and coupons for things like low-flow toilets and showers, LED lightbulbs and others. Every little bit counts.

Power Smart Lower Income Energy Efficiency Program

Manitoba residents with lower incomes are eligible for a free evaluation of their home to gauge its’ energy efficiency, along with recommendations on how to improve. Participants are also eligible for a number of tools and products that will aid in energy efficiency at home.

Home Renovation Rebates

The B.C. Government offers a number of rebates as well.  These include rebates for improvements to ventilation, heating systems and insulation.