4 tricks to keeping your house cool without air-conditioning

Keep Cool 2When it’s hot outside, even humid on some days, the feeling  of air-conditioning is almost like being hugged by an angel. You’re instantly cool, you feel free from the confines of hot air surrounding you however- the cost of air-conditioning is not cheap and running it morning, noon and night is a serious tug on the wallet.

These 4 tricks to keeping your house cool sans AC will have you breathing a sigh of relief and maybe a little snicker because you’ll know your temperature may be low, but so are your costs.

Exhibit A: The secret of the thick curtain.

Curtains, drapes or roll-downs block out sun that radiates directly in your rooms. Most homes harbour the bedrooms on the upper level where the heat is ultimately going no matter what. Drawing your curtains during the day while everyone is at work will help in keeping the temperature lower.

Exhibit B: The counter-clockwise ceiling fan.

Adjust the setting on your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise and at a faster speed so that it circulates air in the room. This will create a breeze in the room that will make it much more comfortable to be in.

Exhibit C: Disconnect. Literally.

Shut down and unplug computers and laptops when not in use. These create a great deal of heat from the fans that are located under them. You may think you’re going to cool off by flopping down and surfing the web instead of moving around, but chances are, the longer that appliance is running, it’s generating more heat, friends!

Exhibit D: Fan meets ice.

This approach is a clever, very easy and widely recommended. Place ice cubes into a large jug or bowl and place in front of a fan. The breeze created from the fan will blow over the ice, sending cooler bursts of air. This works even better with dry-ice but naturally, we only take that out for Halloween!

(BONUS-Exhibit E: Ice cream.)

For the sake of your rising body temperature, people!

Keep calm and cool down, everyone!