Brown bag makeovers

lunch-boxTrying to save money by brown bagging it at work? Getting to your breaking point where you don’t think you can look another sandwich in the face?

Don’t run to the food court in desperation! You’ve just got to re-tool the contents of your lunchbox.

Leftover lady

Make a point when you’re making supper the night before to make extra to bring with you for lunch the next day.

Flavour even improves over time with some dishes, when they’ve had the night to sit!

The “new” sandwich

Who says that your sandwich fillings need to fit between two boring pieces of bread? Use a tortilla wrap, pita or croissant and load them up with lots of fresh veggies to go along with whatever else you’re throwing in there.

DIY salad bar

Go all bento box and pack small amounts of whatever you’d be choosing if you were visiting the local salad bar. Pack meat or cheese, along with some seeds and fruit to make it super delicious.

Bread and cheese

How about a nice, fresh baguette with some slices of your favourite cheese on the side, like maybe Brie? By the way, a cube of Brie is extra tasty when you slather on a little bit of red pepper jelly or some sliced strawberries.

Communal lunch

Organize regular pot-luck lunches at work to allow you to enjoy a multitude of tastes for far less than going out for lunch with your colleagues. Have flavour or dish themes to make it fun and varied.

Hearty salad

Make a yummy pasta or chickpea salad. For a super easy pasta salad, take cooked rotini (or similar pasta) and toss with chopped veggies and your favourite vinaigrette salad dressing.

Rinse a can of chickpeas. Add chopped cucumbers, red onions and feta and little olive oil to coat, with salt, pepper and a dash of oregano to season.