Can Credit Counselling Help You?

Charging up a hefty credit card bill can be fun and effortless. But paying off that debt is often easier said than done.  Once the collectors begin to call and the stress of unpaid bills starts piling up, it’s difficult to know where to turn for help.

With a seemingly endless number of debt relief options available to Canadians, it’s difficult for many consumers to identify which options will improve – not hinder –their financial health.

One way for consumers to get a handle on their debt relief options, is to speak with a trained not-for-profit credit counsellor.  But what can you expect from credit counselling?

To help consumers better understand what they can expect from this conversation, Consolidated Credit Canada, has created this helpful infographic to help consumers better understand their debt relief options.

Credit counseling is one way for consumers to gain control of their financial situation, without harming their credit scores.  By reaching out for free financial advice, consumers will:

  • Gain valuable guidance about their debt relief options;
  • Learn their debt-to-income ratio
  • Hear valuable tips on the proper way to use credit cards;
  • Learn techniques to cope with financial stress;
  • Develop better money management skills; and
  • Have access to free financial literacy information.