Cheap and Cheerful Family Activities

childcareHow did spring break go?

Did it look a little like this? The walls are closing in around you and it seems like your children have multiplied and/or gotten very loud very quickly.

Any sane, space-loving person would jump in the car and seek alternative surroundings. Great idea- but don’t let that car steer you towards the mall, strip, indoor or otherwise.

Camp for a day

There are many week-long spring break camps, but maybe those were a little pricey. Or maybe you figured that since you were going to be home for the week that you’d spend some time “bonding”. However, the picture in your mind’s eye might be diverging from what is actually happening around you.

Seek out a one-day camp (some even offer a half-day version). This is less expensive than day care, and a focal point for the kids to look forward to.

The Library

As our society moves away from paper and towards the electronic, libraries have kind of gotten a bad rap. However, they are a veritable treasure trove of activities.

Beyond getting some new reading material, inquire what special family activities are going on over spring break. Chances are you’ll find a craft workshop or two, at the very least. My local library hosts “block parties”, where kids compete against each other in teams to see who can build the most awesome Lego structure. It’s pretty cool.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You’ve already got the automobile part covered, but what is really fun for little ones (and some big ones too) is to head to the airport and watch the planes take off and land.

The same applies for the train station. Free and fascinating, particularly if your little one is into machines/truck/vehicles.