Cheap(er) Convenience

chickenWe’re all guilty of it. In the mad dash to get supper ready- between hockey practices, late meetings and music lessons, eating is strictly a utilitarian task.

More often than not, we hit the drive thru or dial the phone in a last-ditch effort to feed ourselves, spending way more money than we should.

The best budgetary ally you have is to plan your meals, and even cook and freeze them ahead of time (although lately weekends have been so busy, they make me long for the week. For shame. ) Sometimes that simply isn’t feasible.

While convenience foods are more expensive than their made-from-scratch counterparts, they still offer a cheaper (and healthier) alternative to the takeout route.

Rotisserie Chicken

Paying a premium for a cooked chicken sometimes can be worth it, especially when you consider the uses. Beyond the obvious, shred the chicken and use it in a stir fry with pre-chopped veggies and instant rice.

Or make quick fajitas or tacos, using the same cut peppers and onions.

Frozen Meatballs

Turn oven on. Line one cookie sheet with frozen meatballs (fully cooked already). Line another with sweet potato fries.

15 minutes later you have healthy meal and happy tummies.

The Bagged Salad

Yes you have time for veggies! Get yourself a pre-washed bagged salad, open it and throw it on the table. Bowls optional (just kidding).

The Baguette

No time for sides! Throw a crusty baguette in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’ve got some tasty carbs to round out your meal (and possibly dip up any sauces that you might be using).

The Baked Potato

Speaking of sides, poke a few holes in a baked potato, and throw it in the microwave while you are getting your coats off.

By the time you’re ready to eat, it will be ready for you. Make it a whole meal by throwing on some leftover chill, cheese or diced ham.