DIY to Boost your Budget

ku-bigpicHave you been through your budget with a fine-toothed comb, but still feel like you could trim even more?

Try these right-under-your-nose DIY tricks that require a little more of your time, and in some cases a little bit of elbow grease- but can contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Be Your Own Butcher

Boneless cuts of meat are far more expensive than the bone in variety. With a decent knife and a few extra minutes, you can remove bones from your own meat.

Furthermore, if you buy meat in larger quantities, and cut them into smaller portions, you stand to save as well.

Colour Your Own Hair

Glamour and frugality are not mutually exclusive. However, getting your hair coloured is a huge expense to maintain.

There are a wide variety of home hair colouring products on the market that are easy to use and produce good results. For back up, invite a friend over and do each other’s hair.

Follow the directions on the package though- or you may erase your savings with a trip to the salon for corrective measures (I, sadly, speak from experience)!

Paint it Yourself

Are you longing for a home makeover, but can’t find room in the budget? If you take on the chore of painting yourself (which really isn’t that hard, just time consuming), you can save a lot of money and give your space a fresh look.

Watch for paint sales and pick a neutral colour, if budget is your guide. While vivacious colours bring a welcome pop of colour, you tire more easily of them, and will be looking to re-do sooner rather than later.

Learn to Sew

While you may not be designing for the runways in Paris, being able to perform basic things like hemming pants and fixing zippers can extend the life of your clothing and save you the money you spend sending these jobs out to be done.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Ask any professional cleaner, and one of their most frequently used cleaning solutions is vinegar and water.

Baking soda, lemon juice and other simple pantry items (that are also organic) are easily accessed and concocted to produce very good results for a fraction of the cost. Over time, the savings vs. traditional cleaning products can be significant.

Take Over the Takeout Counter

If you crave takeout like Chinese food or pizza, these yummy treats can be replicated at home for a fraction of the cost.

Making your own pizzas, especially with younger kids, can be a really fun activity that lets them take charge of their own meal.

Recreating Chinese dishes is relatively simple, and a quick search online will yield a number of helpful recipes. To make it even easier, look for recipes that use ingredients that you already have on hand, or that can be easily sourced from your local grocer. For dishes that are traditionally deep-fried, pan-frying in batches in a little oil can be just as tasty- and crispy.

It’s Your Car- Take Care of it

Instead of hitting the car wash, lather it up yourself. This does not take long, and removes one of those small, yet consistent expenses from your budget.

Also, change your own oil. Admittedly, this one requires a little savvy and space in which to do it, but changing your own oil is something that can be done! By you!