Don’t be a brown bag martyr

brown bagYou’re so virtuous, brown bagging it every day to work to save money- even though the aromas emanating from the jazzy bistro in your office tower/strip mall etc. are incredibly alluring (and will-power testing).

All for the sake of the budget. That said, you don’t necessary have to be a lunchtime martyr. Make that brown bag worth busting in to every day.

Sandwich Makeover

First off, say goodbye to the sandwich you used to know- and you start with the bread. Swap in something interesting, like a croissant, tortilla wrap or bagel- and you are already living on the lunch edge.

Sick of the same old fillings? Get creative with flavours. Smear cream cheese on a tortilla wrap with a thin layer of red pepper jelly and veggies.  Toss your traditional Greek salad and stuff it into  a pita. The combinations are endless.

Bring Your Own Salad Bar

What is one of the best things about visiting a salad bar? The tasty combinations of having a little of this, and a little of that.

Who says that you can’t bring the salad bar with you to work?  Simply pack up small containers with whatever salad toppings you like (bring things like chopped chicken or eggs, berries, almonds or crumbled feta or blue cheese) and assemble at your desk.

Make Supper for Your Lunch

Set up your supper menu with the intention of bringing leftovers to reheat at work the next day. Some dishes even increase flavour with time (think rich sauces , soups, chilis and stews).

Pot Lucky

Organize a lunch club at work so that one day a week you share and swap meal items. Still homemade and therefore far less than eating similar items in a restaurant.

If you are looking to get fancy, set up meal plans around a theme or type of food. Brown bag martyr turned office hero!