Don’t let Christmas break get too expensive

The way that the calendar falls this year, there is an extra-long time between Christmas and back to school in the New Year. That means you’ll be looking for ways to fill up those hours, which can be a very expensive proposition. tobogganing

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy some frugal fun over Christmas break.

Mid-week sleepover

The beauty of that block of time is that your weekend activities can expand through the week. Let your kids have some buddies over during the week for an all-out slumber party. The best part? You can spend the next day in your PJs catching up on your zzzs with lots of time before you have to go back to work.

Get to know the library

If you think that your local library is just a spot to check out books, you are really missing out on free (or cheap) family fun. From workshops to crafts to adult programming, there is hours of entertainment on a dime.

See the light show

Go for a drive around different neighbourhoods to check out light displays on houses.  You’d be surprised at how many would give Clark Griswold a run for his money.

Toboggan time

One of the great things of living in a snow-covered country is the extra play opportunities. Tobogganing is fast, free, fun. The only downfall is having to climb back up the hill again- unless you like the exercise!

Snow fort

Calling all junior architects! You can easily spend an afternoon building an awesome snow fort. Top the afternoon off with some hot chocolate.

Dollar store shopping spree

Rather than cruising the mall and paying hefty prices to shop, head to the dollar store and load up with crafts supplies and cheap toys- the perfect combination for a fun day in.