Eat healthy for less!

expensive-healthy-eating-400x400We all want to eat better. But do you feel like your healthy choices are sometimes at odds with your budget?

It doesn’t have to be one or the other!

Frozen Veggies

This one is especially true at this time of year, when the produce looks a little tired (wouldn’t you after a long drive from the south?). And you the consumer are paying for that journey!

Frozen vegetables are a great, frugal option that offers very similar nutritional benefit to fresh. Frozen veggies are great convenience food as well. Try using chopped frozen vegetables next time you make a stir fry, or stirring a selection into your rice pilaf.


Hot and hearty on a cold morning, oatmeal is packed with protein, fibre and iron. You can up the health factor (and save costs) by doing it yourself with instant rolled oats and your fave toppings.

Get out that crockpot and let it cook overnight. It’s not just for breakfast either. It’s my daughter’s favourite after school snack.


Canned tuna is cheap, light and versatile. Make a sandwich, use it as a protein salad topper, or use it as the source of protein in your casserole.

Make sure your pantry is stocked with a few cans of this always!


Nature’s super food, eggs are super-cheap, quick and packed with nutrition, inch-by-inch. Have breakfast for dinner with eggs & bacon, or use up leftovers in the fridge with a frittata.

Peanut Butter

Is there an easier sandwich to make? Use peanut butter in other places too, like smeared on crackers, bagels or celery sticks.

Slice a banana on PB & toast, and you’ve got all of your food groups covered off. Choose the lower sugar, lower salt variety for a healthier choice.


Speaking of bananas, these babies are one of the best sources of potassium around (yay says your heart!).  They tend to be a little pricier at this time of year, but are handy to throw in the lunchbox (they come pre-wrapped!).