Five things to do Post-Holiday

christmas-aftermath-2008The holiday season is intense-both from a work intensive and budgetary point of view.

So, you’ve worked so hard- and now it is over. What to do? Dig yourself out from under that mound of shredded wrapping paper and dirty dishes and treat yourself for all that hard work- without spending money that you most likely don’t have.

Skip the spa

Those late nights and poor postured activities like wrapping presents and slaving in the kitchen may have your body screaming for a spa visit. Now, unless your stocking was stuffed with spa gift certificates, this is most definitely a luxury that will have to wait until the cash flow catches up.

A frugal alternative? An awesome bath, with candles, a glass of wine and a favourite paperback can be just as relaxing. Lock the door so that it is real “me time”.

Take a nap

Like in the daytime? What? But there is so much to do!

Not anymore! Reward your fatigue with a cosy catnap. Yes, there is likely loads to do still (there always is around the house) but much of it is not nearly as deadline sensitive as holiday stuff.

Play with your new toys

Kids aren’t the only ones that get cool gifts for the holidays. What did you get? Take some time to enjoy them- either setting them up or admiring them.

Meet girlfriends for coffee

Holiday time socializing often gets sucked up by family and work events. Chances are you’ve not had a chance to connect with your BFFs properly at least for a few weeks.

Make a point of gathering-out of the house and sans enfants- with your gal pals, catch up and commiserate on holiday survival stories.

Date with your PVR

Set aside a few hours and get caught up on your favourite shows, with which you’ve no doubt fallen far behind.

If you were skilled enough to stay up-to-date, explore a new series, and watch episodes back-to-back. That’s the best way- no commercials, and you are completely hooked into the plot in the moment.