Five ways to make quick cash

babysittingMaybe you have your eye on something shiny? Maybe you crave a mini-vacation, or a new piece of furniture?

Items like these fall squarely into the “want” category, and not the “need” category, and generally don’t make it on the list when you are sticking to a budget. It’d still be nice to treat yourself once in a while though, wouldn’t it?

You’re industrious, right? How about hard-working, innovative and entrepreneurial? A girl like you should be able to drum up a little extra cash to fund those fun purchases in no time.

Cooks get cash

Everyone has a hobby or two, but do any of yours have cash-earning potential?  Do you cook? Hire yourself out as a caterer. You’d be surprised at how many people will happily pay for someone else to cook their meals for them, when they are stressed for time.

If you are a baker, even better. I can count on one hand people that I know who actually bake on a regular basis anymore rather than hit the bakery (think pies, fancy cookies and speciality cakes).

Artsy Cashy

I have tremendous respect (and total envy) for that slice of the population who can put together something crafty with success. Hats off to you folk who can put brush to canvas and create something wall-worthy.

Make it and sell it! Set up your own website to sell jewellery, artwork or other items.


You’ve got kids- what’s another couple in the brood? (at least for a few hours here and there). Babysitting is not just the domain of your teenaged neighbour. Put your child care skillz to work and pay the billz!

Part-time princess

You may have a fancy full-time job, but if you have a few extra hours a week, consider getting a part-time job as a sales clerk or even waiting tables (serving= cash tips, and potentially lots of them).

Paper route

This is one way to exercise and get paid at the same time. Win-win!