Frugal Flying

Warm destinationI really have to stop with my daydreaming obsession about warm and sunny climates during the winter season.

I guess everyone has a guilty pleasure, and mine- most admittedly is to cruise travel sites looking for dreams, inspiration- and occasionally a deal.

Flights are one cost centre that varies widely. You can be sitting on a plane and literally have paid hundreds of dollars more than the dude next to you. I always wonder how the conversation might go if passengers actually starting comparing and contrasting their ticket costs.

This is one that takes some serious strategic planning, but you can really save money on flights.

Be flexible

Like so many other items, convenience comes at a price. If you are going to fly on a Friday or Saturday, you are going to pay for it.

However, if it is possible to fly out mid-week, you stand to save a bunch. In my personal experience, Tuesday has been the cheapest day to fly.

Think outside the airport

Again, convenience comes at a cost, therefore so does the most direct route. Would you be willing to travel to another airport, or take a flight that may involve some connections? Saving to be had there as well.

For even deeper savings, consider flying out of the U.S., where flights are typically considerably (like to the tune of hundreds of dollars) cheaper.

Shop around

Get friendly with travel sites that do searching for you and provide the best deals., FlightHub and are often some of the front runners. Check in often or subscribe for flight price drop alerts. Well worth the time.

Look at the calendar

While you can often score a deal at any time, typically flights are the most expensive 8 to 10 weeks and then about 2 or three weeks prior to departure. Something to keep in mind.