“Frugal” is not a bad word!

scroogeBeing frugal somehow gets a bad rap. Let’s dispel some myths. Being frugal is not boring. It’s not limiting and it’s not being cheap. Being frugal is really just being smart about how and where you spend your money to get more for less.

Frugality is fun!

Reach your goals

What’s more enjoyable? Checking off your financial goals as you achieve them, or wondering where your money goes every month and watching the world pass you by?

Adopting frugal behaviours (i.e. laying out a budget and using smart shopping techniques) is your best strategy to deliver you towards those goals.

Spend on wants, not needs

One misconception around frugal living is that you never get to treat yourself. That’s simply not true. In fact, the beneficiaries of frugal living get to treat themselves more often. This is because their frugal attitudes towards money generally provide them with a little more cash flow.

Guilt-free living

Frugal folk are better able to cast aside that guilty shadow that sometimes enters the picture around spending. This is because the frugal have a different relationship with money. They know what they need to do (i.e. what they need to spend) and have likely planned their way to that point.

There is no impulse spending (even though if may appear so on the surface) because it is accounted for.

Relish the deal

One of the by-products of being frugal means that you know how to spot (and take advantage of) a deal.  Talk about stretching your dollars further!

For the frugal, there is little that is more celebratory then scoring a brag-worthy deal- and the frugal will find them first. It’s the gold medal in the shopping Olympics.

And then you get to tell the tale to your friends- with shopping high fives all around. That is pretty fun. And frugal got you there.