Frugality is fun!

getting-out-of-debtWhile frugality has a bit of an un-fun reputation (like the shopping spree’s boring cousin), frugality is fun. Reason being, is that living a frugal life will deliver you more directly towards your financial goals (be they a sweet new pair of shoes or a down payment for a house) and how fun is that!

It’s all about attitude

So money is tight, so you’ve decided to try to cut back on your spending. Try and look at your efforts not as “going without” but as measurable steps you have to take to reach a goal.

It’s like training to run a race; you can’t go any distance without starting slowly and building your mileage up. It may seem far in the beginning, but once you reach your goal, it will seem worth it. Not to mention you also get bragging rights for achieving it!

The challenge

Speaking of bragging rights, if you’re not already, become the shopper who relishes (like really relishes) a good deal. It’s all about the conquest. There is a certain special satisfaction to seeing you actively stretching your dollar further by engaging in smart shopping. And then, of course, there is sharing all of that info with your friends. Did I mention bragging rights?

The benefits

So weighing the pros and cons of adopting a frugal lifestyle? Here’s a hint, the pros list is considerably longer.

Not only will you reach your goals, you can reduce your financial stress (sounds good!). After time, you will probably be able to buy things that you want as you go along, because chances are you will have accumulated enough cash along the way.

The misconception is that frugality is austere; it’s not. It’s about changing your actions and your decision-making process when it comes to spending. It’s about identifying and employing strategies (like couponing, watching sales, etc.) to get further ahead.

All very compelling reasons to embrace the frugal lifestyle!