Getting married? Save on the reception

receptionDid you catch my post last week about how to cut costs for your upcoming wedding?

Obviously, the major cost centre for any wedding is the reception. So- logic says that if you can seriously shave down your costs on this line item, you can consider yourself frugally married.

Happily ever after means having money in the bank afterwards, rather than saddling your marital bliss with heavy debt loads.

Off peak

One of the best ways to save money on the reception is to book your venue during off-peak times. This could mean off-peak months (June-September is high wedding season) or off-peak days. For instance, Saturday is the obvious peak day of the week. Move yourself midweek and cut down right there.

Creative menu planning

A full dinner is obviously the most expensive option. Why not have a lunch or brunch reception, or an early afternoon wedding followed by canapés and drinks, ending before the supper hour. Still celebratory!

Cash bar

Not only will this save you boatloads of cash, it will encourage more responsible behaviour from your guests, not to mention reduce waste.

It goes without saying that when there is an open bar, people consume far more than they should- or would otherwise.

DIY Dessert

Shave a little of the food cost, by offering a dessert buffet, even if you’ve had table service for the rest of the meal.

Get a selection of cakes and cookies, or have a sundae bar- which is yummy and cheap.

Combine venues

If possible, consider combining the reception and ceremony venues. It only makes sense! Why pay one cost instead of two?


Instead of spending loads on a florist, hit the local farmer’s market and get fresh cut flowers for each table in a simple vase. Use tied bouquets for your march down the aisle.

You can use these for favours as well, doing double duty and saving loads!