Go nuts!

nutsAs we’ve discussed before, one way to really slash your grocery budget is to seek out alternatives to meat. As meat is likely the biggest cost centre in your grocery spending, it stands to reason that making even a small change can go a long way to stretching your grocery dollars.

The problem is, when you are cutting back on your meat consumption, what do you swap in that can provide some similar nutrition benefits for a lower price?

There are a bevy of options, but one budget and nutrition friendly tweak for your budget? Go nuts.

Not only are nuts delicious and a source of fibre, consuming them on a regular basis is known to reduce your risk of heart disease.

PB & J

Now, this was a school-time staple when I was growing up, but with the prevalence of peanut allergies that exist now, this is a stay-at-home treat.

Is there an easier, cheaper lunch on the weekend, or for an afterschool snack?

A hint- if you still crave a PB & J sandwich in your lunch box, try Wow butter which tastes like peanut butter, has many of the same nutritional qualities- but is actually peanut-free (so safe for school).

The Cashew

Cashews are high in iron, making these a great energy booster. When you are making your next stir fry, try reducing the amount of chicken you are using by half, and swapping in a cup of cashews. It improves the flavour and adds a nice little crunch to the meal.

The Almond

Almonds are high in calcium and protein, and make for a great snack on their own. Do you often make a meal salad for lunch? Take out that chicken or tuna and add a cup of slivered almonds instead. The deep roasted flavour adds another dimension to that rabbit food.

The Pecan

Anti-oxidants anyone? This cancer-fighting nut is chock full of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Looking for a lunch alternative? Mix chevre (or other soft cheese) with chopped onion and a selection of your favourite herbs. Take a leaf of lettuce (a smaller variety, like endive or Boston Leaf Lettuce), fill with cheese mixture and pecans. Roll it up, and you have a nice alternative to the traditional sandwich.