Happy Birthday!

It’s your birthday, it is time to celebrate! For the frugal, part of that celebration will include scoping out the free stuff that retailers and service providers will happily offer to you on your birthday (free or for a deep discount).happy bday

Don’t ask, don’t get

As a rule of thumb, if birthday freebies aren’t advertised, just ask. Some smaller retailers or restaurants may not advertise birthday freebies, but are more than happy to give something to their loyal customers. You never know!

Free dessert

What’s a birthday without a little cake (or pie, or ice cream, whatever your dessert fancy is)? Many national or local chains offer free dessert for the birthday celebrant in hopes of getting to host your birthday celebration. Places like Swiss Chalet, Lone Star, the Keg, Applebee’s and Jack Astors, among many others will offer this promotion.

Be warned though, free dessert usually comes with a fairly awful, very public birthday song. If that’s your cup of tea, it’s worth the free dessert!

Other freebies

Maybe you don’t have time for a full-out birthday celebration meal, but you’d still like to have something a little special. Panera Bread offers a free pastry. Timothy’s offers free baked goods too, to go along with your coffee. Orange Julius and Booster Juice will give you a free smoothie on your birthday.

Join the club

Some places will give you free stuff, or a coupon for free stuff in the future, but it usually involves being part of their “club” or joining the mailing list. Some that offer birthday freebies through subscription are Baskin Robbins, Boston Pizza, Dairy Queen and Denny’s among many more.

As a side note, it’s often well worth your while to join subscription lists, because you get extra discounts and deals right into your inbox- all year long- not just for your birthday.

Think beyond the restaurant

Traditionally, we tend to associate birthday celebrations with dining out. However, there are all kinds of ways to celebrate your birthday. Many gyms or yoga studios will offer “free trial classes” on your birthday or bring a friend for free to help you celebrate. Still a good deal, and still a celebration.