Hobbies: Make Money Doing What You Love

HobbiesWouldn’t everyone like to make a little extra cash? Your chance to do so may be sitting right under your nose, in the disguise of leisure time. The emergence of the role of the internet as a quick and easy marketing tool that doubles as a store front paves the way to fuse hobbies with side business and the opportunity to make a little extra cash.

Here are some hobbies that can be self-made money makers.


Do you have an eye to frame shots? Are you the one known to have your camera at the ready at family events, special occasions or even just walking down the street?

A side business as a photographer is viable, especially with ongoing need, particularly from families looking for family portraits. You can likely build a base up from people you already know!  Start with focusing on photos for family and friends to build up your portfolio.

With the advent of photo software as well, it is becoming easier and easier to produce high-quality shots.

Artsy? Crafty?

Do you bead? Do you craft metals and jewels? Do you have a knack for accessories?  Beyond lining your own jewellery box (and those of your friends), making jewellery and selling it can be a decent money-maker.

How about painting, woodworking, knitting or other crafty ideas? You can easy set up your own website to promote your items for sale, or consider participating in local open air markets or fairs.


Does your idea of leisure time include spending hours chopping, sautéing and creating in the kitchen? Does your countertop frequently display an array of freshly baked goods? Are you the neighbour that throws “the “dinner parties?

Doing a catering side business is a great way to make money. Think about it. Everyone has to eat, but not everyone likes to cook. Furthermore, not everyone has time to really cook- but everyone likes the end result.

You can specialize this to include service like personal chef, cake baking and decorating, or event catering.


Do you string a sentence together with skill? Are you known as a storyteller? There is a definite need for skilled freelance writers in today’s marketplace, given the vast amount of written communications associated with business. Truthfully, not everyone can write effectively, and will gladly pay someone who can.

Aside from business writing, you can consider freelancing articles for magazines or papers. Pick subjects that you are familiar with to start.

If you are really ambitious, write a book! Be wary of publishers that want to charge you to publish it (it should be the other way around).

Professional Shopper

Can you wind your way through the mall with your eyes closed? Do you know all the retail nooks and crannies where the best, most unique deals are stored?

This is another one of those skills (and chores) that time-strapped people will gladly outsource. Avail your services as a personal shopper to help people with specific purchases, or even with running errands.

Work out, Get Paid

Do you feel your best when exercising? Do you have enthusiasm and knowledge to share with others? Combine your workout with the opportunity to earn some extra money by offering your services as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.