How to Get Free Stuff

Liz Corry with product samples.Smart shoppers unite! Who says there it’s too good to be true? Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch (or dinner, or appetizer)? There is actual, honest-to-goodness free stuff to be had out there. Here’s how:

Love the fine print

When you are making a purchase or eating out at a restaurant, read your receipt (like all the way down to the bottom).

Sometimes there are time-limited freebies to be had there. Retailers and restaurants frequently (like very frequently) run time limited offers for things like free appetizers or buy-one-get-one free type things.

It’s my Birthday!

Remember when you were a kid and you told every single person you came in contact with that “today’s my birthday!”?

Use the same premise to get yourself free stuff. Lots of restaurants and cafes offer freebies on your birthday from free meals to drinks to desserts.

And if they don’t advertise, ask! You never know what you might get.

Give Feedback

Again, reading your receipt after your purchase can pay off. Retailers and restaurants are always soliciting feedback, and will often have a “let us know how we did’ survey link on the receipt.

Not only is it your chance to give feedback, good or bad (which is really important anyways) but you get rewarded with discounts, free stuff or the chance to enter contests (usually for cool things like cash or spending sprees.

Enter contests

Somebody has to win, right? There are a myriad of contests out there, for things like lavish trips and new cars all the way down to dinners out and gift baskets.

While the prize cache may not always be a draw, don’t forget you can always sell or regift winnings, which can actually turn into a profitable venture.

Free samples

Shopping for cosmetics? Cruise the cosmetic aisles and collect free samples. Some of these are one-time use, but some smaller bottles actually have a fair bit in them (think moisturizers and cleansers particularly).