How to make extra money fast

How to make extra money fast

We’d all love to have a little extra money on hand, but sometimes boosting your cash flow can be really important to keeping your household budget intact and avoid debt use. Maybe you’d like to pay your debt down faster  or maybe you need a little extra cash for a trip or to buy something you’ve got your eye on.

how to make money fast

Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that by making some extra money.

Sell your stuff

Have unwanted items taking up room in your home? If they are in decent condition, there is a good chance that you can sell them and earn some decent money. Clothing, furniture, baby equipment and sports equipment are always in demand.

Survey taking

There are various companies that will pay you to do surveys, usually to help manufacturers and retailers develop products or improve their service. Make sure that you check out a prospective survey company through BBB to make sure that they are legit.

Uber driving

Do you have a car? You can become an Uber driver fairly easily and you can make a little extra cash around your schedule.

Be a sitter

People are always turning to others for help when it comes to care. Hire yourself out as a babysitter, house sitter or pet sitter.

Ask for a raise

Is there a possibility that you might be able to get a raise from your employer? That would help the cash flow. Make sure that you’ve formulated your argument as to why you deserve a raise before you make the ask.


Do you have an opinion, interest or hobby to share with others in an informative way? Consider setting up a blog. This is easily done and if you get enough of a readership you can generate ad revenue usually.