How to save money on maternity clothes

Are you maternity clothes expecting a baby? Congratulations! You’ve probably thought about some of the expenses that you’ll have when the wee one arrives (diapers, wipes, furniture for the nursery, clothing and possibly formula). But what about some of the expenses you’ll incur while you’re pregnant?

It won’t take long before your favourite jeans won’t fit and when that happens; it is time to go shopping for some maternity clothes. However be warned, shopping for maternity clothes can get very expensive

Pieces by piece

Resist the urge to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe, because you will literally only get to wear these clothes for nine months or so. Some women even wear their maternity clothes post-pregnancy however once their stomach goes down, they will be unable to wear their maternity clothes.

Be strategic in your purchases, and make sure to include a few versatile pieces that can be the base for a number of outfits – like a good pair of black or other neutrally coloured pants, a neutrally colored skirt and a neutral blouse or sweater. You can mix and match – which is especially important if you’re dressing for work.

The magic band

You can extend the time you can wear your current clothes by using a belly band, which is essentially a piece of fabric that lets you expand your non-pregnancy clothes to accommodate your growing belly.

Another tip is to use an elastic band to extend the wear of some of your pants. It is a trick many moms use and when you are tight on a budget, this little trick will help a lot.

Consignment shopping

We’ve often talked about the budget-friendly benefits of using consignment stores for kids’ clothes. The same can be said for maternity clothes. Many kids’ consignment stores have a section just for maternity. Check it out (you’re going to become a frequent shopper when baby arrives anyways).

Non-maternity clothes

Who said you had to stick to maternity clothes during your pregnancy? You might be able to get away with wearing “regular” clothes – just going a few sizes up. Generally, you have far more choice at a lower price.