How to save money on teacher gifts

The school year is quickly winding down, which means summer vacation is almost here. There is also another expense to anticipate this month, which you may have forgotten about in your budget: teacher’s gifts.Teacher_and_Student

Depending on how many children you have- and on how many teachers they have, this seemingly small expense can balloon quickly. And with summer just around the corner, you don’t want to blow your budget before it even starts.

Do some planning now to avoid last-minute, expensive convenience gifts.

Be the classroom hero

How many mugs/boxes of chocolates/ stuffed animals are collecting dust in the various corners of your teacher’s house?

Why not be the classroom hero and get something that your teacher will actually use and that will be budget-friendly for you? Organize a group gift. It’s great if you can get the class on board, but even if you only get a handful, you can chip in a small amount for a spa gift certificate or an evening out at a quality restaurant. Strength in numbers!

Oh- and you’ll have the undying gratitude of the other parents in your class, because they don’t have to come up with gift ideas.

Remember everyone

When you are budgeting for your teacher gifts, don’t forget the other folks who help with your kids during the day, like bus drivers and crossing guards.  You obviously don’t have to spend the same amount as you do for the teachers, but a little token like a coffee gift card is a nice thank you.

Homemade special

When it comes to teachers, it’s the thought that counts. Teachers don’t choose their careers for the loot at the end of the year. They are in it because they invest in kids (which means that they’ll draw special humour and sentimentality from homemade stuff made by your kids).

Have your child write a special note or draw a series of pictures from moments during the year. Those are the keepers.

The gift basket

Want to know how to look super generous, but be very frugal? Hit the dollar store and put together a gift basket. You can throw a nice gift card in there as well, to round out the theme.