How to save money without using coupons

You probably already know that using coupons every time you shop will consistently shave money off your purchases. However, using coupons effectively takes a concerted, committed effort each and every time you head to the store. It also requires time and effort to source and collect coupons. shopping4

In short, it’s a great money-saving strategy, but it’s not for everyone. Here are some suggestions that can help you save money- while leaving the coupons at home.

Give yourself time

Plan your grocery trips when you’ve got time to look around and to think about what you are doing. It’s when you are rushing that you’ll make impulse purchases.

Price match

While you may not have time to dedicate to clipping coupons, it’s still worth it to do a quick scan of flyers before you head out, noting any items that you’ve got on your list. If you bring the flyer with you to the cash register, many stores will price match on the spot, no coupon required. Or if you don’t like carrying a stack of flyers with you, consider downloading the Flipp app for all of your price matching needs.

Do math on unit prices

When shopping, arm yourself with your list and with a calculator. Always compare unit prices on items. Sometimes it’s less costly to buy a number of smaller sizes of an item when it is on sale; sometimes it is cheaper to stock up on larger sizes. Take a minute to calculate the difference before you select.

Look around

Stores tend to line shelves with more expensive products at eye level. The no-name brands and cheaper alternative for the same products will be on the high shelves or the low shelves. Take a look up and down to see.

Use cash

When you set your grocery budget, go to the store with cash only. This will eliminate the temptation to overspend on impulse buying.


Before you head out to the store, do a full inventory of what you’ve already got at home. This avoids duplication, but also helps you reduce food waste- which is a budget buster.