I need more money!

With the holiday season quickly closing in, your to-do list may not equal the funds in your bank account. The good news is that there are still several weeks to go, which means that there is time to try to generate a little extra cash to cover your holiday shopping and other festive expenses.holiday4
Seasonal part-time work

If you can spare a few extra hours a week, what about picking up an extra job temporarily? From retail to customer service to restaurants and bars, this is a super busy time of year for a number of industries. They will be in need of extra hands on deck, usually until January.

It may jam pack your schedule, but it’s not forever and the payoff is worthwhile.


Quick- do you have any hobbies or talents that others might pay money for? Think jewellery, fitness, baking, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Selling your wares or services can bring a boost to your budget- so much so that you may want to continue it beyond the holiday season.

Purge, purge, purge

It’s time to clean out your closets, basements and storage to seek if you’ve got anything with which to turn a tidy profit. Kids clothes, toys and equipment are always popular and in need. Sports equipment and furniture are good too.

If nothing else, you’ll be more organized.

Odd Jobs

What about babysitting, snow removal, painting or dog walking? Every little bit counts when you’re trying to gather cash.

Sell gift cards

Gift cards are as good as cash-so why not sell them? If you’ve got unused gift cards collected from past birthdays or holiday celebrations, you can sell them to raise more money. You often have to sell them at a discount from face value, but that’s better than them just sitting around gathering dust.


If you are a writer, consultant of any kind, artist or graphic designer there is a world of work out there waiting to be had, especially if you have experience.  Work is generally flexible, so you can work around your day job to earn extra cash.