It’s ok to say Goodbye to Summer

goodbye-summerOur winters are so long. Like oppressively long. It’s not the cold or the darker days that get to me—it’s that it seems so interminable.

It makes me want to hold on to those last moments of summer and warm weather rather desperately. But, if you think about it- the change in seasons is not only natural- but is also good timing for those trying to keep to a budget.

Routine is Good

While not the most exciting thing in the world, we, as humans, thrive under routine (whatever form that may take).

And as any parent will tell you who’s gone to the cupboard to realize that they are out of (insert important ingredient here) or that they neglected to do laundry in favour of other things (and their child is almost down to wearing Halloween costumes as clothing)- routine is actually the backbone of your family’s happiness and success (financial and otherwise).


Let’s face it. Summer is all about sitting about, enjoying the company and conversation of those you treasure, on patios, at backyard BBQs or on summer vacations.

There is a sense of freedom that exists only in the summer. Unfortunately, often times, the temptation of the warm idyllic times can derail even the best budgetary intentions. And understandably so (summer’s so short! It’s just for now!). It’s the season that screams immediacy. But fall is on the doorstep- and it time to buckle the budget back down again.

New (school Year) Resolutions

While it’s not New Year’s Eve, the beginning of school marks perhaps the second biggest “beginning” time of the year- which presents an excellent opportunity to tackle anything you’ve been considering- weight loss, a new hobby or activity, etc. etc.

Purge Seasonal Clothes

Get organized by sorting through your summer clothes in favour of fall clothes. Pack up what you don’t want- or what the kids have outgrown, and head to your fave consignment store to stock up on the next size up for the kids- or something new-to-you for you.