It’s tax time!

tax1Ok procrastinators. The deadline to file your taxes is fast approaching. While this seems like a daunting and/or unfun task, you could be leaving money on the table if you don’t hop to it.

People squander the opportunity to take advantage of all of the credits available to them. Don’t be one of them! Visit Revenue Canada’s site to fully investigate what you’re eligible for.

DIY Tax Superstar

This is one of those DIY tasks that you really can do yourself with some success (assuming of course you don’t have a super-complicated tax situation).

Software is your friend.  If you can plug in the numbers, you can do your taxes. For real.

Consider investing in some tax software like Turbo Tax or Simple tax. Verify that the software you want to use is supported by Netfile so that you can send your tax return electronically.

Medical Expenses

Do you claim all of your family’s medical expenses?  In addition to the obvious prescriptions and the like, you may also be eligible for things like vision care, physical therapy, medical equipment and dietary needs. Check it out!

P.S. Some medical expenses carry over from past years. They may still be eligible if you missed out last year!

Move this year?

If you had to move for work or education, your moving expenses might be eligible. This includes meals, temporary accommodations, real estate and legal fees as well as mortgage penalties.

Get fit (and money back)

Are your kids constantly at the rink, pool, music hall or dance studio? Good news! The credit you can claim for your child’s recreation has increased to $1000 per child. A drop in the bucket for some, but that can buy a lot of hot chocolate next time you’re at the rink.