Low Effort: Big Savings

save Money-growsavings-moneyWe all want to save money, right? Believe it or not, there are numerous ways to save money (potentially significant amounts) without a huge effort on your part. A little tweak here and there- or a small change in habit or behaviour can go a long way to padding your bottom line.

Put on a Sweater

You layer up to go outside this time of year, right? Why not apply the same principle for indoors and turn down your thermostat, saving some money in the process.

While it may not seem like a big deal at the time, you can really save some significant amounts over the long term on your energy bills by doing so.

In the summer time, do the same- but in reverse, by turning your A/C up a couple of degrees.

Go No Name

While brand names are sometimes pretty and shiny, you can put a dent in your grocery bill, simply by switching over to no name products instead. Usually of similar quality, but of more modest packaging, these no name products (from pain relievers to dish soap to cheese) can help make your grocery dollar go further.

Brown Bag it

While it is tempting to just hit the local food court or sandwich shop at lunch time, taking some time at home and preparing lunch to bring with you to work translates into more available cash flow to service your debt, or go towards other, more necessary spending.

On the same note, brew your own coffee at home and bring with you in a travel mug, rather than hitting your local coffee shop on the way in—also much savings this way!

Choose Water

Do you enjoy a glass of wine with supper or a beer when you get in from work? By switching to water, even in moderation, you are not only making a healthier choice, you are saving a whole lot of money over a few weeks. Something to think about.


Instead of hitting the local mall for next season’s round of outfits, check out your local consignment shop. You may be surprised at what you find.

Beyond children’s clothing (which represents huge savings, given the rate at which kids outgrow their clothing), adult clothing is becoming more available (and of decent quality). There are even consignment shops that specialize in name brands, or feature designer sections.

Sell, don’t discard

Just because something at home has outlived its usefulness for you, doesn’t mean that it should automatically head for the trash.

If still in good shape, it may very well serve a purpose for someone else, so put an ad up on a used site, and see what you can get for it. A little goes a long way, and make sure to price your items competitively.

Don’t Impulse Buy

Ever. That means having a list- and respecting the list as the boss (a nice boss that has your best interest and future success at heart).

Shopping is a means to an end, and not a hobby. While no one can deny the in-the-moment benefits of a little retail therapy, their long-lasting effects on your budget make their immediate fun lose its appeal.