Overindulged on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

200559715-002Did you indulge in a little more spending than you should of on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Don’t worry- there is still enough time to right those budgetary wrongs before the end of the holiday season.

It’s a little like trying to get your body back on track after an all-you-can eat buffet weekend. Especially if you’ve got the office Christmas party coming up, along with your glam little black dress.

Budgeting is a lot like dieting

It draws up an interesting parallel- dieting and budgeting are very similar, because success requires a lifestyle change and commitment. An all or nothing mentality, while may provide some spectacular immediate benefits, they are most decidedly short-term.

If you are looking for short-term progress with the potential for long term benefit, you need to make small, seamless changes- that may just end up becoming permanent when you see the impact.

Small changes are a big deal

You’ve read all the articles- “lose five pounds without even trying”. Not true- and the same holds true when trying to eradicate some overindulgences in the spending department.

Advice where you plan to drop 100 calories a day, for slow, sustained weight loss are the real deal. Things like eating half a bagel instead of a whole one, or using broth instead of oil in a pan.

In terms of money management, pick a small habit that can be altered slightly. For instance, do you pick coffee up every morning? Try going two days a week instead of five. Or order a small size instead of a large.

For the next month, plan to car pool or brown bag your lunch every day. It’s just a trial period, right?

Calories in=calories out

I’m no mathematician (believe me) but the only tried and true way to really lose weight is to consume less calories than you burn.

There is a similar, but inverse relationship between supply and demand when it comes to balancing your budget. You need more money coming in than you are spending in order to eradicate any deviances you’ve had for your budget.

You’ve still got a few weeks to go in the season! Make small changes now to get back on track.