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Who’s paying for the wedding of your dreams?

Getting engaged and planning your wedding is a very exciting time. The guests, the dress, the venue, the flowers and of course, the honeymoon are all top of mind as you begin to share your good news with family and friends. Before you get carried away planning the wedding of your dreams, it’s time for […]

First Comes Love, Then Comes Money

We may agree to love each other for richer and for poorer, but the reality of debt can quickly spoil a relationship and put unnecessary strain on your life together. In fact, money is one of the main reasons any couple fights, and is a leading cause of marital trouble Canada (The Vanier Institute- Divorce: […]

Debt Options for Canadians in Debt
For some people, being in debt can be scary. Frugal Freida offers sincere advice to Canadian consumers by educating them ont their debt relief options.
Budget Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Word!
Frugal Freida will help you create a budget to help you achieve your financial goals and show you how easy it is to save.
Danger Signs of A Debt Problem
There are certain signs that Canadians should be aware that they may have a debt problem. Read some of warning signs that you may need debt help.