Running/walking: the frugal exercise

runningI started running years ago, partly because the challenge appealed to me, and partly because I became increasingly frustrated with spending loads of money on gym fees when my willpower schedule prevented me from going- which is especially true when you have a family.

As if guilt from not exercising isn’t enough, compound it with guilt from wasting money- it’s enough to make you curl up on the sofa with your Doritos.

Whether running or walking, here are some compelling reasons to don those shoes and hit the pavement.

Health Benefits

We all know the health benefits of exercise. It contributes to your physical health and your mental health.

Running and/or walking are known to be great stress relievers because of the social opportunity, as well as the evenness of the tempo of your feet hitting the ground.


Is there any lower-cost exercise out there? Not really. All you need is a water bottle, a good pair of shoes and a sense of direction. A killer playlist helps too, but that falls more into the “want” vs. “need” category.

A word to the wise though- don’t skimp on shoes. Get quality shoes that fit and that provide you with the appropriate support.

Exercise on your own schedule

All you need to do is open your door and go outside- when it suits you. You don’t need to fight for a spot in class or pay membership fees for something you may or may not use.

The great outdoors becomes your gym. No need for heavy machines and treadmills. Plan your route through a local park and use benches for planks, presses and squats (do an internet search and tailor your own workout).

Work towards a goal

While you may be running or walking simply for the sake of exercise, consider training to do a race. There are great carry-over benefits to other areas of your life- say financial goals. Training for a race is a gradual process, where you increase your endurance and mileage measurably over time until you reach your goal.

These same lessons can be very valuable, even on a subconscious level, when working your way towards longer term financial goals.