Save on your car and home insurance

While insurance is certainly not the most glamourous of topics, it is absolutely essential to protect your family’s financial wellbeing. When it comes to insurance though, know that there is a wide range of products and costs.

Shop around

The insurance marketplace is super competitive, and you are well advised to shop around- much of which can be done online. Now you can shop around and get a number of quotes all from the comfort of your easy chair, doing your shopping online.  When you are getting multiple quotes, make sure that you read all the fine print. You want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Extra savings tips

Are you young or old? Ask for discounts for students or seniors. Do you belong to a professional association? Inquire if insurance deals are one of your membership perks. They often are. Your employer or union may also offer discounts for insurance as part of your employee benefits.

For both home and auto insurance, increasing your deductible means lower premiums, which may make financial sense.

A good rule of thumb could also be- if you don’t see it, ask. Often companies will offer welcome discounts; on the flipside, they also often offer discounts to reward customer loyalty.

Bundle up

One of your best ways to slash your insurance premiums? Bundle them together. You’ll get your deepest discounts by combining car, home and other insurance together.

Car insurance

When it comes to saving on car insurance, it pays (literally) to really think about your coverage. How old is your car? Does it really make sense to have super duper coverage? If chances are you’d be buying a new car, rather than repairing it should damage occur, you’re well served to reduce your coverage- and your premiums.

Adding on a few items can not only help protect you against damage and theft (i.e. anti-theft devices and snow tires) it can help reduce your premiums too.

Home insurance

There are items in your home that will jack up your insurance premiums. If you’ve got a swimming pool, use a wood stove, have older wiring, have copper or Kitec plumbing you can expect to pay extra. It might be worth your while to consider renovating some older home components.