Save water and save money

You may already be familiar with the fact that you can save a great deal on energy bills by cutting back on your use. If you really want to ramp up on the savings at home, you can take it one step further by actively trying to conserve your water use as well. Money House

Although much of the earth’s surface is covered with water, there is a shortage of clean water supply. Clean water is necessary to sustain life and to fight disease. The concern is that as the world population grows, the greater the need for clean water simply from an agricultural standpoint to provide food.

According to the Canadian Water Attitudes Study, Canadians use on average 329 litres of water a day, which is second only to the US and well above what is required to stay healthy and prosperous. Reducing your own water footprint gives you a chance to participate in change while saving money at home as well.

In the kitchen

Instead of washing your produce under a running tap, fill a wash basin or the sink with some water. Don’t run the dishwasher unless it is full and don’t pre-rinse dishes under the tap.  Don’t defrost items by running water over them. Instead of boiling veggies, steam them instead, which requires a much smaller amount of water. Reserve cooking liquid from boiling pasta and use it to water your plants.

In the bathroom

Take showers instead of baths- and make them short. If you have kids, don’t fill the tub all the way for bathing.  When you are brushing your teeth or shaving, turn off the tap. Install a low flow showerhead and water efficient toilets throughout your home. Attend to leaky faucets, showerheads or toilets right away.

In your yard

Don’t water your yard unless you have to. When you do, do it early in the morning. Use a rain barrel to collect water to water your garden. Don’t use a hose to clean your driveway; use a broom instead.