Saving Money While on Your Honeymoon

9206honeymoonSince we’ve already covered how to save money while planning your wedding, we thought we’d help you out with the next step: the honeymoon.

Honeymoons can happen to be more expensive than planned in one of two ways. It will either be something that the bride wants to plan to be as extravagant and lavish as the wedding OR it’ll be something that has been left in the dust and all plans will be last minute.

Here are a few ways you can keep your honeymoon from sucking up every last penny you tried to save on your wedding.

Pick a new season.

If you planned your wedding in the off season to save on costs, the good news is you can continue those savings into your honeymoon. Another idea is to book your honeymoon a few weeks or even months after your wedding so it falls in the slow seasons.

Pick a new destination.

Everyone wants to jet off somewhere tropical for their honeymoon but you could save a lot of money by going somewhere unpredictable and possibly unpopular with the newly wedded crowd. Staying local will be better for your wallet altogether. And it’s not even about staying in town. Travel across your beautiful country!

Don’t put it off.

As previously mentioned, leaving your planning to the last minute is the sure-fire way to pay close to double for what you want. Especially if you plan on jetting off the day after your wedding. Last minute reservations can cost a bundle and you’re not usually getting anything more than if you were to book months ago. You know, when you started to plan your wedding?

Ask for advice.

Travel agents can be a great asset when planning your honeymoon. Not only will they do all the work while you’re going crazy with flower arrangements and dress shopping (kind of like a wedding planner) but they will also work tirelessly to find you the best bang for your buck….however much you expressed that that buck is worth.

Register for one.

With more and more couples living together before getting married, registries are becoming less of a necessity…how many gravy boats or bed-in-a-bag’s can you actually have? Websites like let your guests put their gift money towards your big trip.