Seven Ways to Legitimately Supplement Your Household Income

86521218You’ve slashed your spending and your household budget is looking promising. However, do you ever wish you had a little extra cash to source towards special outings, trips, events or kids’ activities?  The answer to boosting your cash flow may be easily accessible, with a little self-examination and ingenuity. The key is to find something that is seamless to your life, by building on what you already have or do or by finding something that is an easy addition.


Paper Route

Gone are the days that delivering papers were the domain of your teenaged neighbour. With abundant flyers, community and national papers requiring home delivery, paper delivery companies are always looking for local, responsible people to deliver on their behalf. Some are dailies, but some only require a weekly commitment and are a good way to supplement household income.

I have a friend who does this to earn some extra money to fund children’s sports. She likes having the extra disposable income, but also likes the idea of exercising and getting paid at the same time.

Turn your Hobby into Income

Something that brings you enjoyment could also be a potential money maker. Crafts, clothing, jewellery and accessories, in particular have the potential to generate income. It is easy (and often free or inexpensive) to sell your wares through a website.

Fitness for Finances

Do you practice yoga, do fitness classes or spend time in the gym? Share your knowledge and your passion with others by becoming an instructor or a personal trainer. Although there is generally a cost involved to get certified, this is a good method to acquire some extra cash doing something that you enjoy. The added bonus is that you can help others to enjoy it as well.

Advertising Space

As long as it is visible or audible, chances are that it is for sale. Consider offering your car, property, clothing or other object up for space for advertising. Often companies will consider a trade for services or goods as well in turn for promoting and endorsing their product.


There are loads of kids (and young adults) that could easily go from struggling student to whiz kid, if they had some focused time with someone who could share their knowledge. Depending on your background, offer your expertise up to others who could benefit from your educational support.

Garage Sale

Chances are your home is filled with loads of items that are not only taking up space, but represent a potential cash injection. Take care to clean and display items attractively. Price things competitively and consider joining forces with a number of other neighbours to draw bigger crowds and to share costs for things like advertising.

Sell items privately

Let sites do your selling for you. List your items on for-sale sites, where there is always traffic and likely a long list of prospective buyers. Be sure to do your research and to price your objects competitively if you expect them to sell. Also understand that haggling is part of the deal, so be firm on a range of prices that you’d be willing to accept.