Shake out winter with a spring clean and save

Throwing open those windows and letting the warm breeze flow through is one of the true delights of spring time. It’s also about shaking the winter off with a good spring clean. When you are planning spring cleaning, do some extra jobs that have a preventative point of view. Cleaning will not only help you shake winter out, but potentially save you money in the season to come.


Change the filter

Change your furnace and AC filter for optimum efficiency.  And don’t stop there. Use this upcycling trick to remove the need to buy air fresheners.

Laundry done? Don’t throw out those dryer sheets just yet. They have multiple other purposes, like keeping your home smelling fresh (and keeping the dust down too) by inserting them in with your AC or furnace filters. They are also great for dusting baseboards, computer screens and keyboards.

Clean your gutters

It’s time to rid those gutters of mucky debris that has accumulated over the fall and winter.  Not the most pleasant of tasks, but as those heavy spring rains begin to fall; you want the water to be able to flow freely down your spouts. If there is gunk in the way, it could lead to a bigger problem such as flooding and expensive water damage.

Eat my dust

When you are spring cleaning, you are going to give your house a good dust-down, that is for sure. Make sure you include some specific areas – that will help with your home’s energy efficiency. Dust the coils of your refrigerator, so that it can run most efficiently. Dust off fan blades and window sills as well, for the same reason (to help cool air move most freely through your house in the coming warmer months).

Spring clean your computer

When is the last time you did a full virus scan of your home PC or looked at purging it from old files? You can extend the life of your computer and save money by making sure it is protected and in good running condition.