Skip meat, save money!

VEGGIESOne sure-fire way to shave money off your grocery bill is to adopt one meatless meal a week, if you are not already.

Don’t worry steak lovers. I’m not suggesting full-blown vegetarian lifestyle here- just a tweak that translates into bucks in your bank.

Lots of alternatives

If the thought of tofu has you heading straight for the butchers counter, halt that cart! There are numerous healthy, cheap and tasty alternatives to meat. You’ve maybe heard of Meatless Mondays? Re-think your plate.

What else has protein? Eggs and legumes are both excellent, versatile choices.

The classic stir fry

The stir fry is often a staple in my house. It’s fast, easy, nutritious, and is a great way to use up stray veggies in the fridge.

Instead of your chicken or beef, slide in some black beans and cashews.


Another classic go-to dish is the good old spaghetti with meat sauce.  However, in this version, swap out the ground beef for a can of lentils (drained before added to the sauce).

Little kids really like lentils (especially when they are “snuck” into to the dish) because they are finger friendly.

Quinoa bowls

If you’ve not yet tried superfood quinoa, you are missing out. It is super nutritious (packed with protein and fibre) and very inexpensive.

Use quinoa as a base, and add whatever ingredients your family fancies. Try a Mexican quinoa bowl by adding salsa, cheese and sour cream. Go Mediterranean with tomatoes, feta cheese and black olives.

Main course salad

Salad is rabbit food, right? Not if you load it up with seeds, cheese and grains! One of my very faves is torn Boston Leaf Lettuce, endive, chopped pears, walnuts and pecans, tossed in with cubes of either brie or blue cheese.

For the dressing, simply splash some olive oil and a little white wine vinegar on top. It’s delicious.