Spring cleaning on the cheap

SpringCleanFor those who embrace this turning of the calendar for more than just the balmy temperatures and the ability to open the window, this is prime-time cleaning season. Before you head out and stock up on expensive (and potentially harsh and fume-y) cleaners, consider some of these less expensive natural wonders.


What kale is to superfood, vinegar is to cleaning. Ounce for ounce, you’re not going to find a more effective, less expensive cleaner out there. In fact, many restaurants use vinegar and water to clean their tables, just for that reason.

Use equal parts vinegar and water to clean your floors (especially effective on wood surfaces).  Put some in spritz bottle and use it as an all-purpose cleaner throughout the house.

Baby Oil

True story. Small amounts of baby oil are an effective cleaner for stainless steel appliances and fixtures. Have any hanging around your baby’s change table? Double duty!

Dryer Sheets

Don’t throw those dyer sheets after the cycle is done! Re-use them to dust instead of going out and buying expensive dusters.


This citrus food offers you more than Vitamin C! Cut a grapefruit in half and cover in salt. It becomes a very effective scrubbing tool for things like grease on the bottom of your oven or to scour the tile and bathtub in the bathroom.

The almighty potato

Have any rust stains on your bakeware or cutlery? A cut potato will get rid of it!

Nature’s magic eraser

While I’m in constant wonder of how those magic erasers literally wipe out anything, there are cheaper, more natural alternatives. Cucumber peels are very effective in removing crayon and other scuff marks.

The Dollar Store

If you are attached to traditional cleaners, make the Dollar store your first stop. They stock quality (often name brand) cleaners at a fraction of the price.