Starting school? You’ll be starting new expenses

If you’ve got a child starting school in September, you may be getting all misty eyed at the thought of them pulling away on the school bus for the first time. You may also be rejoicing in the fact that your hefty day care costs will reduce. Don’t be fooled though; there are a bevy of other expenses that you can expect this coming September (and for years to come), so before you go on a shopping spree, here are some other costs to start adding to your budget.back to school2

School supplies

It is shocking the amount of money that you can spend on school supplies, and truthfully, you don’t need much of the stuff that they are selling.

Before you fill up your cart, contact your school to find out what you really need. Chances are the school supplies a lot of stuff. And you likely don’t need all the supplies at once. There are different requirements for different units throughout the year, so you can spread the cost out and reduce the strain on your budget.


If your daycare has been feeding your little one, you’ve not accounted for those extra meals and snacks in your grocery budget. Make sure to expand that particular line item.

Stock up on peanut-free snacks when they are on sale and get well acquainted with your local warehouse shopping club. Buy in bulk where you can and portion on your own, because pre-packaged snacks are at a premium. Plus if you package yourself, you can adjust the serving amounts, so that you aren’t wasting food.

Don’t forget to set money aside for school hot lunches too; kids love the variety over the school year..

Other costs

Are there any other sneaky costs that you’ll begin to see? Expect multiple birthday party invitations in the backpack over the year. Don’t forget that you need two pairs of shoes (indoor and outdoor). Going to school may also open the door on extra-curriculars, so you’ll need to account for that cost over the year too.