The Easter Bunny has a budget too!

easter_baskets_holiday_esl_students1If you are a celebrator of Easter, you are aware that this is one of those holidays that has a price tag attached.

While it is fun to see Easter baskets flowing with overabundance, it is probably best to show a little restraint (both for sugar high and budgetary considerations).

The Dollar Store

Again, for these types of holidays, where it’s not so much about gift giving, but accumulating loads of little kid-friendly do-dads, your Dollar or discount store are your first (and maybe only) stop.

Go for lots of little items, like pencils, Easter crafts, bunny erasers and stickers. You can stretch your dollar pretty far while loading up your shopping basket (and your Easter basket too).

Set a chocolate limit

My brother and I used to get tons of chocolate every year on Easter, to the point where we didn’t even want it anymore. Once I’d had my fill (which really wasn’t very much, considering), I used to tote the leftovers to my next-door-neighbour for secret snacking (her parents were less liberal than mine on the chocolate front). Afterwards, the remaining pile would get tossed in the garbage.

That said, much like Halloween, there is a tendency to waste leftovers in the aftermath. Think quality, not quantity. For instance, if you’ve got little ones, go to the bulk store and get a few little wee eggs, as opposed to the giant bunnies. The little nibble in those little eggs is probably all the sweetness your little one desires- and is sized and wrapped appropriately.

Easter Best

There is a temptation as well to run out and buy loads of new clothing for Easter. While I think this is in part due to the fact that it is often chance to signal the change in season, it’s not really necessary.

If you feel that your little ones really, really need some new duds for the day, find some that are new to them- as in visit your local consignment store to see what treasures you can find for less.