Tips to Save Money While on a Business Trip

imsis116-069Business trips can sometimes be an unavoidable part of your job. Not to mention an added expense to your life. Most of the time, your company will pick up the tab for the entire trip but there are a lot of instances that have you paying out of pocket for something you could have skipped if it weren’t for the trip. Here are a few ways to avoid those money-grabbers.

Don’t Ever Pay Cash
By keeping things off the books and receipt-less, you’re essentially paying for everything out of your own pocket. Take no embarrassment with paying small totals with a credit card, you’ll need all receipts to be available if you want to get reimbursed.

Skip Luggage Fees
The best way to ensure this money-saver is by only taking bags that you can carry on to a flight without hassle. If you absolutely must bring a larger bag, check which airlines don’t charge extra fees.

Find a Room With a Kitchen
If you can bring a few simple items and make your own food, you can save yourself having to explain why there are so many receipts for lunches, dinners etc. Also, take full advantage of any continental breakfast offered, it’ll keep you full for a lot longer.

Find a Flat-Rate Car Service
A flat rate car service can get you from the airport, to your hotel and anywhere else on your stay if you need to get around. In case your company will make you pay for any extraneous excursions, this option can get you the best bang for your buck.

Give Other Options
It’s possible that you might not even have to go on a trip if you can convince your boss that there are a litany of other ways to communicate with outside sources. Skype, Google+ hangouts, conference calls…you have a lot more options at your fingertips that don’t include an airplane or hotel.