Trying to find a gift for a teen or tween?

giftsgaloreFor all of you parents of teenagers and tweens, I am about to provide you with valuable information. It’s a public service, really.

As if you weren’t lame enough already, we are heading into holiday shopping season—and what in the world are you supposed to get your teenager/tween that won’t enhance your lame-ness? Add to that the confines of a budget– and well- it is a challenge.

I’ve polled a panel of experts (ok, my neighbours. But they seem to know what they are doing).

Designer Duds

Chances are, your precious child has their eyes on the latest and greatest piece of designer swag that is priced way out of your budget.

In fact the price tags are likely way beyond what you might consider paying for yourself. A fair compromise is to get a gift certificate for the amount that you would be comfortable spending, and let your teen fund the rest through savings or job earning.

Hair Chalk

Not expensive. Very cool and very temporary.  They want their hair to resemble the rainbow? Have at ‘er. It washes out!


Where does your teen hang out? What do they enjoy doing? Stock up on gift certificates for the movies, fast-food restaurants or entertainment facilities, like amusement parks or trampoline parks.

Fund the music

Since the dawn of recorded music, teens and tweens have dug their tunes. Stuff their stockings with i-Tunes cards or Google play.

A cool pair of headphones, portable speakers or a headphone splicer so that they can share the listening pleasure with their friends are good choices too.

Shopping Spree

Well, not a full out shopping spree, but rather than get them a gift certificate for a specific store, get a gift certificate for a whole mall. That way they can have a vast selection to choose from.

Tickets Anyone?

Your kid a theatre buff, concert lover or sports fan? Get a pair of tickets (for them and their BFF) to an upcoming show, concert or game.

A note for young hockey fans- the IIHF World Junior Championship are being held this year in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa, and have some real deals on single game tickets.