What do I wear on New Year’s Eve?

New-years-eve-lake-garda-1The good news is that you’ve found a rockin’ party to attend and that you’ve booked a sitter. The bad news is that you’ve got nothing to wear and you’ve spent all you’ve got (and then some) on holiday shopping.

What’s a girl to do?

Be your own fashionista

While New Year ’s Eve is decidedly glittery, it doesn’t mean that you have to be. Take a cruise through your own wardrobe and try to think outside of the fashion box.

Have a funky tank from the summer and a pencil skirt from your work wardrobe? Add some boots and you’ve dressed it up- a little differently.

Use #1894 for your BFF

BFFs aren’t just for cheering you up when you’re feeling blue. They are your one-stop shop to a new (if only for the evening) wardrobe. What does your gal pal have to offer?

If you’re not the same size, don’t despair? How about cool accessories or shoes?

Basic Black

You’ve got a little black dress (somewhere). Pull it out and pull it on. You’d be surprised. Change it up by adding a wide belt, looped necklaces or a jazzy blazer.

The eyes have it

I don’t know about you, but my cosmetic routine day-to-day is limited to slapping on a little colour here and there somewhat sparingly.

Take some time before you go out and make a statement with your hair and makeup. Nothing says that it’s a big night like a flat iron and smokey eyes.

Consignment time

Chances are that someone also faced your dilemma recently, and traded in their duds in order in the hunt for a glam outfit.

Hit your local consignment shop and see what you can find. Be creative!