Why you should organize your house

messy-kitchen2Do you feel like your house is going to swallow you whole? How long did you spend looking for your keys this morning?

While your home may be frantic at the best of times, this change in season can seriously ramp up the chaos level.

Not only will getting your home organized lower your stress levels significantly, it will also help you get financially balanced. You’ll be less tempted to overspend on items you don’t need.

Organized house = organized finances

If you are overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by your space, you may be HGTV binging and heading out to re-do your whole house. That is a costly answer to housing disarray!

Where do you hang?

What spaces in your house do you spend the most time in? Does the configuration and layout as you currently have it make sense? Does your family have a great recreation room in the basement, but spend all their time above ground to watch TV? Does your child have a sweet desk set-up in their room, but prefers to be near you during homework time (i.e. while you are making supper)?

Make sure you have the tools (storage, appropriate furniture) nearby to accomplish the tasks you do most often. You might be thinking you need to redecorate; you may just need to reconfigure (much less expensive).

Focus on space organization

While less glamourous, you may want to invest any redecorating money you have in space organization.  Think of cubbies, hooks and shelf separators in the hall area.

Try stacking bins in the kitchen, with one allocated to each family member (as in a go-to- spot. Think “Mom, where’s my iPhone charger? It’s in your spot in the kitchen…).

Get pretty baskets for odds and ends, like magazines and stationery, rather than letting piles grow around the house.

Closet dividers are great too, because it lets you see your clothing and other items readily. This helps you plan your wardrobe, save time in finding things, and make it more apparent when you need to purge.