Yes it is cold. Go outside anyways

Whsnow heartsen the temperatures dip, you may feel like the walls close in around you and your beloved family a little bit.

Resist the urge to jump in the car and hit the mall just for something to do. Boredom is a sneaky catalyst towards impulse spending.

Make a list of fun, inexpensive winter activities and keep it somewhere visible. Let it snow!

Go outside anyways

You throw (encourage) the kids to go outside and play in the summer time, so why shouldn’t the same principle apply even though it is cold outside. Revel in the rosy cheeks.

If you build it….

Even though the sandbox is closed for the season, your little ones can still build, dig and tunnel to their heart’s content. Use large pails or snow brick makers to make yourself a wicked snow fort.

The quintessential snowman

Create another member of your seasonal family and construct a snowman (or woman) on your lawn. Don’t forget the accessories (tip, for extra hilarity, style your snowman to look like someone you know, like say, your husband).

Lace up

Find yourself a stretch of shovelled pond or visit your nearby park and take a whirl around their outdoor rink. Bring your hockey stick and join a pick-up game. Some outdoor rinks even have scheduled games.

Festival Time

As we get further into the season, check out local villages and towns for winter carnivals or, which will have all sorts of activities (many of them free) for families to enjoy.

Expect things like ice sculptures, sport demonstrations and lots of outdoor fun.

Simple pleasures

Take a minute or two to really savour some of the slow-moving sights and sounds that come with winter time. Catch snowflakes on your tongue with your toddler. Make snow angels. Spend some time looking at the night sky and watch your breath form in the night air. And then go inside and have a really, really good cup of hot chocolate.

Get sporty

Is there a winter sport you’ve always wanted to try? Lots of ski hills, recreation centres and area parks offer introductory (and/or) family packages that let you take a taste of a sport. Think skiing, curling, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.